Important Dates

April 8, 2018 (Extended Firm Deadline)

Workshop/Special Session Proposal Due

April 8, 2018

Paper Submission Deadline

May 8, 2018

WiP Paper Submission Due

May 8, 2018

Poster/Demo Submission Due

June 25, 2018

Authors Notification

August 8, 2018

Camera-ready & Registration


Organizing Committee

Honorary Chairs
•   Sumi Helal, Lancaster University, UK
•   Zhaohui Wu, Zhejiang University, China

Advisory Committee
•   Jiannong Cao (Chair), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
•   Yuanchun Shi (Chair), Tsinghua University, China
•   Daqing Zhang (Chair), Peking University, China
•   Theo Ungerer, University of Augsburg, Germany
•   Xingshe Zhou, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
•   Hai Jin, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China
•   Chung-Ming Huang, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
•   Christian Becker, University of Mannheim, Germany
•   Takahiro Hara, Osaka University, Japan
•   Robert C. Hsu, Chung Hua University, Taiwan
•   Ahhwee Tan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
•   Mohan Kumar, University of Texas at Arlington, USA
•   Beniamino Di Martino, Second University of Naples, Italy
•   Runhe Huang, Hosei University, Japan
•   M. Jamal Deen, McMaster University, Canada
•   Marie-Pierre Gleizes, University of Toulouse, France
•   Norio Shiratori, Tohoku University, Japan
•   Qun Jin, Waseda University, Japan
•   Albert Zomaya, University of Sydney, Australia

General Chairs
•   Guanling Chen, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
•   Paul Castro, IBM Research, USA
•   Jun Zhang, South China University of Technology, China

Executive General Chair
•   Guojun Wang, Guangzhou University, China

Program Chair
•   Qi Han, Colorado School of Mines, USA

Program Co-Chairs
•   Feng Chen, De Montfort University, UK
•   Nirmalya Roy, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA
•   Tian Wang, Huaqiao University, China
•   Hui Yu, Portsmouth University, UK

Workshop Chairs
•   Wan Du, University of California, Merced, USA
•   Ryan Ko, University of Waikato, New Zealand
•   Xuansong Li, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China

Poster and Demo Chairs
•   Hassan Zadeh, Washington State University, USA
•   Sisi Duan, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, US

Video Contest Chairs
•   Wei Wang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
•   Jianwu Wang, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA

Award Chairs
•   Frode Eika Sandnes, Oslo and Akershus U College of Applied Sciences, Norway
•   Laurence T. Yang, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada

Journal Special Issue Chairs
•   Bin Guo, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
•   Seng Loke, Deakin University, Australia
•   Haoyi Xiong, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

Publicity Chairs
•   Fl├ívia C. Delicato, Federa U of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
•   Alan Marchiori, Bucknell University, USA
•   Weigang Wu, Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Registration Chairs
•   Xiaofei Xing, Guangzhou University, China
•   Pin Liu, Central South University, China

Web Chair
•   Qifan Wang, Central South University, China

Local Organisation Chair
•   Jianer Chen, Guangzhou University, China

Steering Committee
•   Jianhua Ma (Chair), Hosei University, Japan
•   Laurence T. Yang (Chair), St. Francis Xavier University, Canada
•   Stephen S. Yau, Arizona State University, USA
•   Sumi Helal, Lancaster University, UK
•   Daqing Zhang, Institute Telecom SudParis, France
•   Jadwiga Indulska, University of Queensland, Australia
•   Bernady O. Apduhan, Kyushu Sangyo Univ., Japan
•   Zhiwen Yu, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
•   Liming Chen, De Montfort University, UK



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