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May 30, 2018

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July 8, 2018

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August 8, 2018

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Advance Program

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Advance Program of iSCI 2018, in conjunction with IEEE UIC 2018

Day 1 (October 6): Registration & Reception

Day 2 (October 7): Opening Ceremony, Invited Talks, Lunch & Banquet

Day 3 (October 8): Technical Sessions, Closing Ceromony, Lunch & Dinner

Below are all papers in Technical Sessions:

The 2018 International Symposium on Smart City and Informatization (iSCI 2018)


Session iSCI-1: 08:30-10:00, October 8 (Monday), Room 3


Modeling Methods for Cloud Based Cyber Physical Systems

Lichen Zhang

A privacy preserving outlier detection algorithm based on connected domain

Zhaoyu Shou, Xiawei Cheng and Simin Li

Load Aware Management of Cloudlets for A Wireless Area Metropolitan Network

Xiaolong Xu, Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan, Lianyong Qi, Xuyun Zhang,Wanchun Dou

The Performance Evaluation Model of Intel SGX- Based Data Protection

Wei Zheng, Shichao Cao, Zhiqian Gao, Xiaoxue Wu and Qian Ding

Road Speed Fusion Model Based on Wavelet Neural Network Optimized by Genetic Algorithm

Jiguo Liu, Rui Sun and Haitao Yu


Session iSCI-210:20-12:30, October 8 (Monday), Room 3


VJournaling: Improving the Write Performance of a Virtualized Journaling File System

Dingding Li, Wande Chen, Zhengyang Wu, Hai Liu, Yong Tang

Deep Convolutional Mesh RNN for Urban Traffic Passenger Flows Prediction

Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan, Hao Peng, Zhene Zou

An Academic Social Network Friend Recommendation Algorithm Based on Decision Tree

Dingding Li, Zuoxi Yang, Ronghua Lin, Yong Tang

Repurchase Prediction for E-Commerce Based on Ensemble Learning

Danqi Xu, Wenyin Yang, Li Ma

Water Level Estimation Based on Image of Staff Gauge in Smart City

Zhikang Xu, Jing Feng, Zhizheng Zhang

A Mokov Decision Process Approach to Optimizing Waiting for Taxis

Huigui Rong, Xu Dong Zhang, Qin Liu, Qiaoyue Yang, Jiewei Gu, Hui Zheng

Cost Efficient State-aware Function Placement and Flow Scheduling for NFV Networks

Deze Zeng, Lin Gu, Yunsong Chen, Shengli Pan, Zhuzhong Qian


Session iSCI-313:30-15:30, October 8 (Monday), Room 3


A Low-rate DoS Attack Detection Method Based on Hilbert Spectrum and Correlation

Dan Tang, Xiaoxue Wu, Liu Tang, Jianping Man, Sijia Zhan

Speed Regulation of Overhead Catenary System Inspection Robot for High-Speed Railway through Reinforcement Learning

Siqi Li, Cheng Xu, Lipei Chen, Zhenmin Liu

Accelerating a Secure Programmable Edge Network System for Smart Classroom

Watipatsa W. Nsunza, A-Q. Ransford Tetteh, Xiaojun Hei

Ubiquitous Healthcare System based on the Sensor Network and Android Internet of Things Gateway

Oana Geman, Iuliana Chiuchisan, Ioan Ungurean, Marius Hagan and Muhammad Arif

Using Data till 1996, 2008 and 2017 via Full-Traversal Addition-Subtraction Frequency (ASF) Method with Consistent Analysis to Predict Possible M6.6-or-Above Earthquakes in Sichuan-Yunnan Region of China

Yunong Zhang, Ruifeng Wang, Mengling Xiao, Jinjin Guo and Chengxu Ye

From Historical Data Through ASF Method of Equal-Type Half Traversal to Predict USA Presidential Parties from 2021 to 2041

Yunong Zhang, Jiatu Wu, Ruifeng Wang, Chengxu Ye and Yingbiao Ling

Highway Traffic Volume Prediction via stacking KNN,SVR,MLP,RNN

Zhilong Lu, Weifeng Lv, Zhipu Xie and Tongyu Zhu


Session iSCI-413:30-15:30, October 9 (Tuesday), Room 9


Aggregating Author Profiles from Multiple Publisher Networks to Build Author Knowledge Graph

Karim Alinani, Guojun Wang, Annadil Alinani, Dua Hussain Narejo and Mumbere Muyisa Forrest

Personalized App Recommendation Method Based on Hierarchical Embedding

Dong Liu, Wenjun Jiang

Aspect-based personalized review ranking

Wenjun Jiang, Chunli Huang

Understanding the evolution of fine-grained user opinions in product reviews

Peike Xia, Wenjun Jiang

Resource Transaction Framework based on Block Chain in Social Community

Ke Gu, Linyu Wang and Bo Yin

Power Curtailment in Cloud Environment Utilising Load Balancing Machine Allocation

Amir Javadpour, Guojun Wang, Samira Rezaei, Shuhong Chen

Combining Fuzzy Clustering and PSO Algorithms to Optimise Energy Consumption in WSN Networks

Amir Javadpour,Niusha Adelpour, Guojun Wang, Tao Peng




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