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The SmartWorld-2018: Best Paper Awards


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Optimizing the Performance-Cost Tradeoff in Cross-Edge Analytics

Lin Jia, Zhi Zhou, and Hai Jin

UIC 2018

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Performance Evaluation of ypervisors and the Effect of Virtual CPU on Performance

Hafiz ur Rahman, Jianer Chen, and Hai Jiang

UIC 2018

PDF File


Non-intrusive Biometric Identification for Personalized Computing Using Wireless Big Data

Zhiwei Zhao, Zifei Zhao, Geyong Min, and Chang Shu

UIC 2018

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SHAstor: A Scalable HDFS-based Storage Framework for Small-Write Efficiency in Pervasive Computing

Lingfang Zeng, Wei Shi, Fan Ni, Jiang Song, Xiaopeng Fan, Chengzhong Xu, and Yang Wang

UIC 2018 (WiP)

PDF File


A General Testing Framework Based on Veins for Securing VANET Applications

Liang Ming, Gang Zhao, Minhuan Huang, Xiaohui Kuang, Jingzhe Zhang, Huayang Cao, and Fei Xu

SCI 2018

PDF File


MiKANT: A Mirrored K-Ary N-Tree for Reducing Hardware Cost and Packet Latency of Fat-Tree and Clos Networks

Yamin Li and Wanming Chu

ScalCom 2018

PDF File


A Succinct Provable Data Possession Mechanism for Lightweight Clients in Network Computing

Yang Xu, Quanrun Zeng, Ju Ren, Yaoxue Zhang, and Hao Min

IoP 2018

PDF File


Large Scale Spectral Clustering Using Sparse Representation Based on Hubness

Xiucai Ye, Hongmin Li, Tetsuya Sakurai, and Zhi Liu

CBDCom 2018

PDF File


Understanding the evolution of fine-grained user opinions in product reviews

Peike Xia and Wenjun Jiang

iSCI 2018

PDF File


Measuring Interestingness of Theorems in Automated Theorem Finding by Forward Reasoning: A Case Study in Tarski’s Geometry

Hongbiao Gao, Jianbin Li, and Jingde Cheng

AISE 2018

PDF File


Model-Based Active Impedance Controller Development of the Exoskeleton Rehabilitation Robot (ERRobot) For Lower-Extremity

Lei Shi, Li Fu

AEIT 2018

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